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The Big Story

BulletinApril 20, 2014
The Sunday of the Resurrection – Easter Sunday

ScripturesGenesis 2:7,8, 3:1-8Psalm 118:1, 15-17, 22-24John 20:1-18


Rev. Mark McKim

fbcsermon_bigpictureLots of people really don’t get the “big picture” story which the Bible tells. They have idea about Adam and Eve in a garden, then some vague notions about people wandering around the desert wearing housecoats, a few kings, some battles, and then Jesus. It’s all disconnected. No point. But there is a “big picture” story line that runs through the entire Bible. It’s the story of God’s relationship with humans; the story of human rejection of God, broken relationship and marring of creation; the story of God’s long work to restore that estranged relationship and renew hurting creation.

Easter Sunday is about the most important part of the story to date.

The Easter story is set in a cemetery. Normally cemeteries are where stories end. But not in this case.

In this particular cemetery the story comes to a climax. Jesus, who has been executed, returns to life. The resurrection (returning to life) of Jesus isn’t just about evidence for life after death. It doesn’t really even have much to do with “going to heaven when we die.” It’s MUCH, MUCH, MUCH bigger than that.

It’s about God’s plan, coming to fruition. It’s about the beginning of the new, restored world. It’s about God’s plan to set all things to rights, renew marred creation, restore intimate, loving relationship with human beings.

And this is a story of which YOU can actually become a part. You can join a story which means no good thing will ever be lost, where “There shall never be one lost good! What was shall live as before….” Want to know more? Who wouldn’t? Please join us at 11.00 a.m.