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The Night I’ll Never Forget

fbcsermon_MosesDoorPosts_eikon_1128_02BulletinMarch 1, 2015
The Second Sunday of Lent

Scriptures: Exodus 12:1-7, 12-13, 29-32Psalm 105:1, 8-11, 23-27, 43Revelation 19:6-9Mark 14:12-25


Rev. Mark McKim

During Lent 2015 we’re trying to get a handle on the big picture story of the Bible. Lots of people think of the Bible as this huge book, which nobody ever reads through, which has a bunch of disconnected stories. Actually, neither of those things is true. Plenty of people have read through the whole Bible. And there is, in fact, an underlying story which runs through the whole Bible. It’s the story of God’s dealings with humanity, and God’s working to set things to rights.

There is an underlying story which runs through the whole Bible

This Sunday we will be looking at the story of Moses – no NOT the Charleton Heston movie version – the original version as contained in the Bible. What does the story of Moses have to do with the big picture story of the Bible, and in particular, with people today? You never know – Moses, or a stand-in, might just put in an appearance. No autographs, please.