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Jack Horner Syndrome

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Bulletin: October 23, 2016
Newsletter: October 2016

Scripture2 Chronicles 7:11-16, Psalm 25:8-10, Psalm 131:1-3, James 4:7-10, Luke 18:9-14


Norma Holtslander

Although this parable deals with prayer, the emphasis is on the content of the heart of the one who prays. Jesus specifically states that this parable is for those who were confident in their own righteousness and looking down on everybody else.


We all have a bit of the Pharisee in us.

It is too easy for the Christian who desires to follow after God to get smug about being regular church goers, active in ministry, and “doing the right things”. What we are doing is not wrong, it is the attitude toward others who are not doing what we are doing that is the problem. We start to trust in our own abilities, rather than trusting God to minister through us.

Let’s be more like the tax collector who knew what he had done wrong. He asked for mercy. He wanted to improve his spiritual health. And he went home justified before God.