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The Resurrection of the Body

Bulletin: February 26, 2017
Newsletter: February 2017

ScripturesGenesis 3:1-10Psalm 119:25-321 Corinthians 15; Luke 8:26-35


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

fbcsermon_LentSeasonRenewalThis is last Sunday before lent as we approach Ash Wednesday. Through the weeks of Lent, we remember our mortality and our sins but not for sentimental reasons, as if dramatic sadness or self-denial were of value on their own. We are preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus all those years ago, and in hope, the coming day when we too will be raised from our graves, with new bodies just as Jesus was. God has given us a chance to prepare for this day and to call others to prepare for it as well. We live among the graves of millions of humans.  We see the law of death and decay at work in God’s good creation around us.

Jesus is among us with a new law of faith, hope and love, which resist sin and death. At the resurrection of our bodies, God will undo the destruction of sin and death: all the good we do in Christ, all the preparation for the new creation, all the loving service to God, to people and to creation will not be lost, it will be saved and transformed. Our bodies and this world matter to God.