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Tears of Joy or Sadness?

BulletinMarch 29, 2015
Palm Sunday

Scriptures: Isaiah 26: 1-8Luke 19: 28-44


Rev. John Nelson

Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday conjures up a mix of emotions that creates both tears of joy and tears of sadness.
Looking down from the hill above Jerusalem, scripture tells us that Jesus wept. Why is that? He would soon be met with shouts of Hosanna, but later those shouts would be transformed into cries of “Crucify Him, crucify Him”! Since Jesus knew what He was to face, questions arise in our minds. Why did He go?

Yes, Palm Sunday is a day of celebration, but it is also the beginning of Holy Week filled with passion. Holy Week, where Jesus begins the long, painful walk to the cross. The Jerusalem Parade was only the beginning. Following would be moments for the Passover celebration with His disciples, Prayer in Gethsemane, Pity as He faced Pilate and the people wishing Him crucified, Procession down the Via Dolorosa (the road of suffering), and the passion of the cross at Calvary.

Why did He turn each page of the story that He knew was to unfold before Him?

Did He see in the horizon the “Sonrise” and shed tears of Joy?

Come to First on March 29th and join the Palm Sunday parade of celebration and also reflect upon the long journey of Holy Week to follow. Come and discover what Jesus saw on the faces of the people lining the streets of the parade, on the faces of His disciples in Gethsemane, on the faces of the soldiers, on Pilate’s face, on the faces of those at the foot of the cross? Will we learn the answer to what He sees when He looks into our faces today- tears of Joy….tears of sadness?