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The God We Don’t Want

fbcsermon_fear-of-god2Bulletin: May 31, 2015
Trinity Sunday

ScripturesIsaiah 6:1-8Psalm 29Revelation 5:6-12, 7:13-17


Praise: Holy, Holy, Holy (lyrics & melody, video, acappella, contemporaryhistory [scroll down]meditation)
Preparation: Come Thou Almighty King (lyrics & melody, philharmonic choir, kidshistory, 2, political backgroundmeditation, 2)
Response: What Wondrous Love is This? (lyrics & melody, video, acappella, contemporaryhistory, meditation)


Rev. Mark McKim

In the church’s calendar, May 31 is called Trinity Sunday. This day is a sharp reminder that the God of the Bible doesn’t fit neatly into our categories. The God of the Bible, the God whom Isaiah described in the Old Testament reading, is so beyond us that Isaiah feared he would die having met God merely in a vision. But why should this surprise us? If I’m honest, I know I don’t even understand myself much of the time. Why would I expect that I am going to understand God? That God has to fit neatly into my categories and observations about physics and my limited knowledge? Seriously?

But even when people get beyond the “it doesn’t make sense to me, so it must not be so” stage and admit that we should expect that God is going to bust out of our categories and thinking in some mind numbing ways, there is still a problem for many with the doctrine of the Trinity: so what? What difference does it make to ordinary, day to day, “real” life? Great questions. If you want to hear an answer, join us on May 31st at 11.00 a.m.