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The Best is Yet To Be

Bulletin: July 5, 2015

fbcsermon_road-into-sky_dp6044122Scriptures: I Kings 19: 9b-18Ephesians 1: 1-14
(introducing series on Ephesians)


Rev. John Nelson

Do you have high expectations to attain the BEST out of life that is possible? One writer has described the main purpose of the book of Ephesians in a way that conveys the THE BEST can be achieved through explaining both the nature and purpose of the church, “to strengthen the believers in Ephesus in their Christian faith, the body of Christ.” In the coming weeks through a series sermons based on Ephesians, answers will be forthcoming as to how this BEST, this glorious inheritance can be attained and guaranteed.

How does Paul describe the church?
To achieve this wholeness, this unity, what negative traits does Paul specify must be eradicated from our lives?

The book of Ephesians’ author was the Apostle Paul who was writing the church of Ephesus, and all believers everywhere. Paul shares many of the wonderful things that believers will receive through their relationship with Jesus Christ. Paul describes the church in a most powerful and descriptive fashion. His illustrations provide a strong example of unity of purpose and reveals the importance of each part working co-operatively with other parts to achieve the wholeness of purpose.

You are invited to First Baptist Church Regina on Sunday, July 5 at 10:00 a.m., to hear about the “glorious inheritance that believers in Christ have been showered with God’s kindness, been chosen for greatness, and are marked with the Holy Spirit.”

Expectation…Anticipation…Inheritance….Grace…Freedom…Abundant life…